Euree Asset Management


Euree Asset Management’s aim is to be a leading Australian based funds management business. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, our dedicated team aims to offer investors an opportunity to access attractive, market leading returns through exposure to a diversified investment portfolio of underlying assets.


Euree’s expertise covers many asset classes including Equities, Fixed Interest, Property, Commodities, and Alternate Assets. Euree’s team has over 40 years of experience in the industry. We are well supported by our listed equity partner Sequoia Financial Group (SEQ).


Euree’s dedicated compliance and risk team ensures that our investments are well-researched and comply with all Australian and International guidelines. Euree is the investment manager to three Managed Investment Schemes, Euree Multi Asset Balanced Fund, Euree Multi Asset Growth fund and The Euree A-Reit Securities fund.

Our Approach

Euree Asset Management’s funds are designed to address investors’ needs for sustainable regular sound income streams and high growth investments drawing on internally and externally generated research.


An active approach to asset selection is adopted. Euree’s internal research, paired with the use of third-party research and consultants creates a confluence of ideas, styles and methodologies to form an opinion on asset selection within the portfolios. Euree’s internal capabilities are complemented by external asset consultants to form a deep understanding of all asset classes.


The Euree team has specialist knowledge in property and alternative assets, allowing for greater exposure to these asset classes across all portfolios.